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Doesn’t work offline. Why bother?

Trello in general is great, so they get an extra star for that. But this Trello desktop app is exactly the same as the web browser version. It doesn’t work at all offline. I’m not sure what the point of this desktop version is— why have a duplicate of the webapp? If it worked offline, I’d give it full stars.

It is perfect for my needs

Really loving it so far. My team now knows what is going on in the whole department. LOVE

Does not do enough to warrant a $120 anual fee.

Yet another to do list with crazy anual fees. Not affordable by the average Joe, their free version is mission so many important features that it is practicly unusable. Now that Apple notes and Google Keep have upped their game and, oh by the way are free, this app will need to lower its price or end up in the unused pile.

A few improvements will make this useful

It’s good to have the option of a standalone Trello app on the desktop. Two things that can make this come closer to the browser version in usability: 1. Tabs (not windows). 2. Display the browser URL, so we can copy and paste to skype or email easily.

It’s Great, One Quibble

Overall it has performed very well for me I have not run into any issues with the app crashing. End to end its a great platform for how I manage work. The only qibble I have is that it does not work offline. There are times when I’m working and have no internet. If I absolutely must move a card or complete a task, I'll use my phone if possible. Will being able to work offline be available in a future update? If so, five stars. Thanks.

Wish missing functionality was addressed

Trello is my go to tool for project and process workflow managment. Like it or not, I support many teams and juggle several email accounts. The glaring issue I run into is that Trello supports only a single account so when I’m working with differerent clients I either setup an account linked there or I add to my primary personal Trello account. This is problematic… I can’t log in to multiple trello accounts and switch easily between them. This problem has been around for years. I know its complex and it deserves attention(

Great App to imporve your workflow

Trello enhances you and your team’s workflow. The app is great and works so well and fast. Something I wish was more apparent was how to give the URL to a card. I used to be able to link cards, boards, profiles, etc very easily by just copying the current URL, but now it is kind of hidden behind the “share and more” button on cards

Removing Features

Removed the text on labels feature, which was my primary reason for using this app.

Useful for most day-to-day Trello work but will still end up logging into the website.

I've been using the for a couple weeks and have to say I like the persistent window but the fact it doesn't respond to Trello links and lose the value of a few browser extensions to augment a few small annoyances. For a free app it's worth installing and good for most usages but there will still be a need to log in to the web ui more often than I'd like but not a deal breaker. Once the app is integrated to respond to Trello URL requests then this will be a fantastic replacement from having to log into the website and I can update this to a 4 star review. I'm not sure how this would work in the native app but one thing that is useful is having multiple cards open in several tabs. If there was a way to open multiple cards in the same view that would be useful (at least to me). :)

Great App

I love Trello - I use it for my own projects and whenever I need to coordinate work with someone else, even to the point of coordinating things that need to be done between me and my wife. This app is quick and responsive. I love that I get the same functionality as I would in the web, but it’s more native and I can pick a key combination to bring it up or add a card whenever I want without even touching my mouse. It works well and synchs without me having to initiate anything. This is a great, lightweight app that does what is intended quickly and easily and without getting in the way of your workflow.

Buggy and less performant than on the web

The main reason to use a standalone app of something you can get in the web browser is that it should be more performant and feel more native than in the browser. This app needs some real work still as it’s neither. It actually seems like it’s just a webview inside an application window, because it gives me the exact same “disconnected from server for too long, please reload” messages I get on the web - unlike the iOS app which has great offline capability. It is also SLOWER and buggier than the web - we’re talking ASANA SLOW, which was the original reason I ditched that and started using Trello... Switching from the list view to the calendar view is particularly buggy. Sometimes it doesn’t work, or there’s a several second lag during which I’ve clicked again three times and then it flashes back and forth the number of times I’ve clicked once it catches up. This is not a computer processing speed issue - I regularly edit videos and photos with less lag than the Trello app. Please make a native app that is actually performant - it’s clear to see you’ve just thrown a web view into an app and put it up on the app store to get another marketing touch point to make users sign up. It’s lazy and below Trello’s normally high standards.

Actully It save times.

It’s nothing special but it really saves time. Before the app I have to open my browser everytime I need to update the board but now It save my time easily. Al though In next update, I’m looking for some good interations


lagg lagg lagg…. getting offline but im not offline… some time later its fine lagg in desktop and one board list scroll lagg in background (solo color) tranparent huh! very anoying getting offline and need refresh and nothing happens until app want to be good boy/or girl :/ why?

Nice — would be great if it worked offline

I use Trello every day and have used it for a couple of years as my main project and work management software. I really love it. This app is great as long as you are connected to the internet. If you aren’t connected it is actually a bit worse than the browser version of Trello because it goes completely blank when it tries to refersh. At least the browser version allows you to make new cards and edit offline without shutting down. If they made this work offline it would be awesome.

Delightful App

Many thanks for making this. Keep up the good work! :)

Disappointing “app"

First off, let’s not kid ourselves. This isn’t actually an app. It’s a browser-in-a-box. Probably an ElectronJS app or something like Slack… So that’s like hugely disappointing. I mean, I guess it’s nice that I have a dedicated space for Trello now, but it still has most of the overhead of a web browser, and has the same bugs as the web app. To make matters worse, it has some new display glitches of it’s own. I’ve had several occasions where it gets the frame wrong in full screen mode. And it doesn’t even work with trello’s “add-ons” (which are really browser extensions in most cases). In short, they could have made a really nice app. Or even an acceptable app like they already have on iOS. But instead, we got a somewhat disappointing browser-in-a-box.


This is a pointless, 250MB wrapper around their website. These guys are not even trying.

Nice, but laggy

Please, disable navigation to main screen on title click! I just want to drag the window somewhere, but it also opens all my boards. Annoying.

Trackers galore

I installed this app and my Little Snitch firewall had a fit. Among the domains they’re talking to: Why do they need to tell FB anything? Thanks, but I’ll keep running Trello in the webpage with all of my tracker blockers and ad blockers turned on.

What is it?

Why did I have to read reviews to figure out what this app was actually for? uninstalling now.

You are monsters

The tilted icon makes this app unusable. You animals.

FINALLY an app that meets my organizational needs!

Thank you Trello for creating this awesome app that I can organize and prioritize my day-to-day life on. I feel much more relaxed now that I am able to use this app. Super reliable and easy to use, with an awesome platform and cool add-ons. If you’re an organization extremist or just looking to declutter your life a little bit, and it carries over into your virtual uses, I highly recommend Trello.

Been using since it was Paws for Trello, great stuff!

Glad to see that Atlassian was smart enough to pick up Paws app, re-label, they had such a good thing going. Look forward to seeing more great stuff come out of this :-)

still disconnects and needs a manual refresh with button

just like the web version can't handle socket disconnects gracefully and prompts to refresh waaaay too often. this is the primary reason i download the app hoping it would fix that problem. please add gracefull reloading on socket disconnect, this is not hard.

Awesome app!

Great app for trello desktop!

Nice app but need improvement.

It does not have all settings available such as PowerUp list and settings. App freezes a lot and does not display when team member is online. Would be nice to get notification.

Can’t login with SSO

When I try to login with SSO, I just get a blank white screen. It will not let my user login with anything other than SSO.

The Paws Acquisition update

Dear developers, I have paid for the great app, loved it from the first sight. I am so happy the app was acquired by Trello, but, please, bring back the very crucial feature: the names that appear on the tags (when cards are collapsed in the Board view), now this feature is lost and the tags can now be distinguished by the colors only. Plase make it optional, if you wish by adding to Settings, but, please, give it back to us. Thank you for your great service. Yours sincerely, Boris

Adware for a paid subscriber?

I pay for Trello Premium, so I was highly disappointed when Little Snitch threw a fit about several outbound connections from the Trello Desktop App to mutliple advertising and tracking domains…. I would expect that behavior from a free app designed for slicing fruit in half, but not a productivity app that I am paying for…. Very dissapointed. Guess that’s why I have Little Snitch to begin with, to Snitch on shady software doing shady things.

I love Trello! Desktop app is nice. Web and iOS versions also great.

I love the Trello product and have used it personally and with teams for years. The platform has gotten very full-featured over the years while retaining its simplicity. I am blown away that it is free and ad-free. I love the product marketing (I am a sucker for that wolf). I use the web and iOS versions regularly. Having this full-featured desktop option is really nice when I’m at work on my main computer. Thank you, thank you!

not better than Trello website

Trello: Great. Trello iOS App: Great! Trello MacOS App: It's OK? I Guess? As far as I can tell, the MacOS Trello app is basically a dedicated browser window to Trello, plus desktop notifications. The desktop notifications are nice. The dedicated browser window is pretty pointless unless it can store local copies of my Trello boards for use when I have no Wifi. Instead, it seems to attempt to refresh itself under no-Internet conditions, therefore becoming a blank screen — which is even worse than what the web app does. At the moment, the benefit (nice desktop notifications) does not exceed the cost (even flakier offline behavior than the web app) to me of using this desktop app.

Multiple Account Login

Great job with the platform, TrelloDevs. When can we have a multiple account logons, across all your platforms, cuz being a part of multiple teams across multiple organizations is how work is done right now.?

SlowWeird graphical glitches

Love Trello - but this app is unusable at the moment. Half of my cards have weird geometric anomalies. Some are actually invisible. I thought they had been deleted when I first opened it. Dragging cards is slow. Also, calling the interface “minimalist” appears to be the new term for just wrapping up a big web page and calling it an app. Doesn’t look like or act like a Mac app and sticks out like sore thumb. Whatever they wrote this in looks like Slack and Discord. Is this the new Java/Flash/WriteOnceRunPoorlyEverywhere? I think I’ll just keep it in my browser for the time being and keep my fingers crossed for a real app. I do want to stress that Trello itself is excellent. This app just seems like it was a series of compromises.

Great for team projects!

Trello is a crazy effective organizational tool. We are a media dept. of 3 people who all have a lot of weekly tasks. However, projects come up, and we often need to help each other out to keep rolling. Trello helps us stay organized in the easy seasons and helps us kick it into high-gear in the busy seasons! Love it!

What a terrible mistake.

Can’t delete things, except checklists? Can’t understand how it’s organized at all: what’s a list? a card? a checklist? How come I can’t make my list a checklist? How come I can’t alphabetize it? If you need to show me a video to learn how to organize this, you need to rethink the entire User Experience. Looked like a promising replacement for Wunderlist, but I couldn’t make sense of it instantly like I can with basically everything else. Yikes!

Just a copy of the site

The cards drag’n’drop is as glitchy and annoying as on the site.


It’s finally here! I have been waiting for the Mac friendly version!

Just a webview wrapper

I was expecting native-like performance but turns out this is just a web view wrapped into a “native” app. I’ll stick to using it from my browser for now.

No tabs!

You can’t use Trello without tabs! 😿

About time Trello!

And a big thank you to “App for Trello” for being a solution until Trello finally realized that being stuck in a browser is not a good thing.

Great app, needs reminders

Trello is great for organizing complex projects, however notification reminders need to be more customizable. Right now you get an alert 24 hours before something is due, however that doesn’t always work for all tasks. If I have a task to remember to call a client on Monday @ 9:00am, reminding me on Sunday morning doesn’t really help me remember to make that call on Monday.

Thank You Trello!

You made my dreams come true!


I’ve been using Paws for Trello until I downloaded this. When I went to compare, I discovered that Trello acquired Paws. SMART MOVE TRELLO!!! I love Trello, been using it for years. The only request: Allow archival of individual notes by dragging them up to the top like it is on the iPad. Bur regardless: THANK YOU!

They bought “Paws for Trello”, then chose to somewhat cripple it

I was a paid user of Paws for Trello. Yesterday, when the app launched, I noticed a new message at the top - it said “Paws for Trello has been acquired by Trello! You can now download Trello free from the App Store.” So I thought “Smart move on Trello’s part!” and downloaded this new app, which it should be clear was not developed by Trello. Well, just about immediately I noticed - the enhancements are gone! Paws for Trello has some nice enhanced features which aren’t part of the stock Trello experience, like “Display Lable Title on Board Overview” and “Show Total Number of Cards Within a List”. So Trello buys this great app, and the first thing they do is NOT add features… they REMOVE them! So I’m dumping this app and will be running Paws for Trello for as long as it functions. Way to go, Trello. Thanks for making it a little harder to use your product. Addendum: Giving them an extra star simply for being responsive. However saying “consistent across web and desktop” when that doesn’t actually appear to be the case may not have been the best decision - I opened in Safari after reading their response and expanding the labels in their desktop app; but the labels on the web were not expanded until I clicked them there as well. Additionally, for a truly consistent experience it should be carried over to the iOS app, which hopefully is in the works. But thank you for pointing out that the labels are indeed expandable - I’m increasing my rating since that feature is present (although sub-optimally implemented in my view). Hopefully the other enhancements from Paws for Trello will make it into Trello proper in the near future, and also hopefully all will end up back in Settings rather than inexplicably obfuscating them.

Full of bugs

This app is full of bugs. Half of my lists don’t display - it’s just blank. I’m shocked this was an existing 3rd party app. The UI has so many problems, I’m actually afraid to use this. Will stick with the browser app for now.

Not what I was expecting - otherwise great app

Yeah, it’s now an offical, free Trello and Atlassian application. However, people paid for this app. And probabaly many paid for it recently. It’s the same app as Paws. Some sort of discount or refund would be awesome. Overall, the app is great. Becuase Paws was awesome. Even though it was just a web view, maybe Electron framework app, it still is a great alternative from opening up Safari or Chrome. It just bugs me that it was a paid app, now it’s free, and it’s exactly the same app as Paws, minus a few things. Apps like Ulysses offered something when they upgraded to a subscription model… just my opinion but man sometimes stuff like this makes me not want to buy from the App Store.

Why restrict the global hotkeys?

I’ve been using Xccello for Trello on the Mac for a while, and I would much rather use your native app…except it has half a missing feature! Could you please remove the restriction on global hotkeys and let me use ⌘⌥⌃Space to hide and show the whole app? Restricting app hide/show to T and quick add to Space seems pretty silly to me, and it completely breaks my workflow. Please remove the restriction!

Please bring back solid colors

The translucent background is cool and all but puts a grey tint on everything. It’s honestly a little depressing. I use trello for personal projects and always enjoyed the popping colors, it distracted me that my projects had never ending TODO lists. The design actually motivated me in a way and using the app was enjoyable. I know it may sound silly, but this is real haha. Can you please bring back solid backgrounds, will change to 5 stars! Thank you

App icon

The app icon is so ugly and does not match with other icons in my dockbar

Breakout App!!

I’ve been using Trello for awhile now to teach (and use) kanban & scrum with our FLL LEGO Robotics team. It’s great to finally have the application break free of the browser! Same clean interface without the shakles of a the web environment. Thank you!

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