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Great app, needs a dark mode

I am a young entreprenuer and recently started a clothing company with a colleague of mine and we needed a quick, simple, and free way of managing our tasks to make sure we're following our timeline. We tried Trello out after hearing about it from an acquaintance and we loved it. The interface is easy to use and the list function is so nice. Overall, love it, but I personally would like to see a dark mode for this app.

Great Way to Organize

This app is excellent for the storyboard or card style of organization. Easy to group items and view them all at a glance. For now, however, I think I'll need to keep a basic to-do application like apple's reminders or wunderlist. This app doesn't have the ability to do recurrent tasks (with recurrent due dates). I really wish they had a way to freely organize the cards. Having them all on one row requiring me to scroll seems unnecessary if I've organized each project with a few tasks each, but have many different projects. I'd like to avoid creating 50 different boards.


So far, so good! some feedback to the developers, can you please add an icon that allows you to see when your team mate is active and/or logged off please? Other than that, it has been great to use! :)

So incredible for certain kinds of organizing

I have been trello gold for a while - because I evangelize the heck out of it! It has been incredible for my work place and I also have finally figured out how to use it for my own organizing. I have one complaint - as an art organization that uses drawing tablets - trello is the only app that can not accept input from the tablet and pen (this goes for all the desktop & laptop macs we have - using multiple brands of tablets.) I contacted trello to see if this was something we could solve and was told it was the manufactures fault - but I highly suspect something else is going on now that we have purchased yet another 100$ tablet that also doesn't work. If I didn't love and use the app so much I wouldn't have even noticed - so let this just be a testament to how much more I wish I could use it without this hangup. Kudos to all the 1,000 other things they have made absolutely incredibly right and functional. It boggles the mind. If you are wondering if you should be using it - yes, especially if you work in teams and deal with images - there is really nothing else that can compare. It handles hundreds of images with ease and grace. I have tried a million systems and can hardly believe how great this one is - and that it still doesn't have to cost you anything. So yeah, download it! (...and then help me figure out how to make it work with our tablets!)

Web app pretending to be a Mac app

Trello itself is a great project management tool, but this specific incarnation of it is weak. It is only slightly better than using the app from a web browser, but it is still just a web app running in a native shell. Very little actually works like a native app, and in fact things just seem really odd. This is not a customer-driven app, it is a Trello-as-a-business driven app; customers shouldn't be asked to pay a significant performance price for Trello's internal cost-saving measures.

Buggy and Slow...

I have been running the browser version of Trello concurrently with the desktop version and I am finding that I’m having to go back to the browser version much more often. You cannot currently post any type of attachments on a Trello card via Dropbox. I reported this to Trello support and they stated that this is a known issue. Their work around is to use the browser. They followed up stating that this has been a known issue for a while and there is no fix in the immediate future. Deep sigh…. I’m so disappointed. I was starting to fall in love with a girl named Trello, only to find out she’s “broken” and full of bugs. Bummer.

Battery Killer. Be Warned

This application consumes too much battery. I feel like there is no reason why this app causes a lot of battery drain. There is always constant CPU usage, even when you are not actively using the app. I feel like the app is not going to a sleep state properly or something similar. I will give it 5 stars after the developers fix this issue.

Great organizational app

I love the Trello macOS app. I use it for organizing my thoughts and planning things out. The one thing I would like to see added to the app is Dark Mode. I have macOS set dark theme and set all the apps I can to have dark skins, but Trello doesn’t offer this option.

A suggestion

Love it. How about adding a function to the calendar that would allow you to see an abbreviated, color coded indiction of allboards with things due on each day. A small icon you could click on and go to the board would be perfect.


Brought Trello into my organization for a few key features including Mac desktop apps and the Dropbox Powerup. We pay for Business Class yet the Dropbox Powerup has been broken for over 2 months now in our Mac desktop apps. This is a hugely frustrating bug for our team, and is pushing us to consider alternatives if bugs can not be fixed ina. timely manner. Such a bummer, because a great app otherwise.

Nearly There...

I like using this app instead of the browser-based version of Trello. It has most of the functionality of the browser version, and keeping your Trello boards outside of your cluster of browser tabs is very welcome. However, the fact that you cannot bookmark pages, boards and searches is the reason why I can’t give this app 5 stars. I’ve tried workarounds using the Edit>Paste URL and Go menu command but it does not work. Not sure if this is a bug, or if this Menu item is reserved for something cryptic I don’t understand. Whatever the case, if it was enabled so that it could receive a URL, it would be useful—and I’d give this app 5 stars!

Version 2.10.5 is bugged

With the recent update it started to skip clicks. I have to click 2-3 times on every UI element to make it work. Restart didn’t help. I’m using Apple’s Magic Mouse. No problems with any other app. Also it’s quite slow, slower than it’s on the web, and if I let it run for a couple of days it seems to interfere with Slack (which is based on Electron as well right?). I can understand it’s not a native macOS App. But it became worse with recent update. P.S. Overall I love Trello, it’s the best project manager. On the web it’s 10/10 the best. But this is the review for its desktop counterpart.

Helped me be more efficient

For years I have been switching constantly from my white board to using excel to track my daily, weekly and monthly tasks while not finding any one method fully satisfying! Trello was the perfect solution for me. I am not using it to collaborate on projects, but just for myself to track what is Pending, In-Progress, Waiting on someone else, Completed and Backlog actions. Each of these is a separate list that I can easily drag any one action between (and back-and-forth). It allows me to visualize what needs to be done “At-A-Glance” that is simpler than, say, a Gantt chart. Trello is intuitive and allows me to compartmentalize say, work, vs. volunteer work in differetn boards. I use it daily and I love it!

Good for personal use but does not work on internal company network

The app is smooth most of the times but really wish it was developed native instead of hybrid as often times you will feel lag/sluggishness. Also, an inforgrapghic chart should be in preferences entainling the keyboard shortcuts that is on their blog.

Best organization tool that exists!

I could not imagine organizing anything without Trello anymore. I really love the user interface and it is truly invaluable as a tool for organizing massive projects. Great work! :)

Buggy. Repeating cards don’t work.

I was excited to use this app, but I’ve went back to the web and deleted this. Repeating cards don’t repeat. Archived items can’t be opened to edit the repeat rules. This makes it useless to me since repeating cards are part of my daily process. Not sure why they bother producing this app if their own power-ups don’t work.

The best project management with the best team

Let me say this: if you’re a Trello user but aren’t a fan of their app (which is still quite new for them, by the way), be patient. They’re an incredible team of people who are truly interested and truly care about what users think. Every other uptdate includes a little box that specifically asks for feedback in whatever area they’ve attempted to improve or add on to. They’re super responsive to feedback and have only made the experience better over time. So keep that in mind. I’ve also seen people complain about it probably being an Electron app—so what? Native shortcuts and notifications alone make the app worth it, and if it was operating on the web before and you never complained then what’s the problem with this? People who don’t even know what Electron is won’t know the difference anyway. For new users: Trello is the way to go. There are a lot of kanban-style project management apps but Trello offers the most flexibility and integration out of all of them. And my team has literally tried them all. It can be as complex or as simple as you need it to be, which I love. And you can make it work for anything, from home stuff to work stuff. I love that you can have teams to either separate your work groups or to separate home from work. I’m a student, so I also use Trello to keep track of assignments and easily integrate with my university Google account for all of my docs. I’ve even led group projects out of a Trello board before so that we’re not constantly emailing each other back and forth. I also freelance, so I’ll invite clients to a public board where they can interface with me and keep track of my progress, access common documents, and give feedback on designs. My wife and I have a board as a sort of “debt tracker” with lists for different cateogires and the “custom fields” powerup to input account numbers, amounts, balances, etc. So, if you can’t tell, Trello is very much my hub for everything because you can use it for anything. But just like any tool, you have to fully commit in order to get the value out of it or it will just be one more thing you have to check—don’t make that mistake. Much love to the devs, you guys keep making a great product better and better.

New Front Page Design is TERRIBLE - Please allow us to change it back

Long time Trello User and tell everyone about it but the new front page layout is Miserable and is no use at all. How can you force people to use that view and then allow the rest to be so customizable. You need to change it back or allow users to decide which home layout they want. Those new life side panels or options are useless and ruin the look of Trello entirely. On the web version and inside the app. You need to allwo users to go back to the view they want.

We want offline

The only thing missing for this app is the offline capability like the mobil app. All the rest is perfect.


Ever since the last update, i cannot login at all. i input my email and password, and it brings me back to the login page. when i do this on the browser or my iPhone, it works. not a problem

Very Good App

I am getting to like Trello. I do some small consulting projects occasionally and I find Trello helps me stay organized. I am not a power user by any stretch. I’m working on a project that will require my help on and off through the end of 2018. I happened to have Trello open and one of my clients saw it and is looking into using it in her organization. I think a low use annual pricing option for a single user that allowed some sharing would be a great idea. I really don’t have anything bad to say and look forward to updates and improvements.

Horrible App

Not as functional as web application and when you click on a board it will not display. I’m disappointed.

More Functionality Needed

I hoped that the app would allow more viewing options. It would be great if there was a dashhboard view that combined upcoming deadlines from multiple/all boards so you could see what you had to do that day/week at a glance without opening each board individually. It would also be helpful if there were little notifications on each board from the dashboard so you could see which boards had tasks coming due that day (such as you have for unopened emails on you computer). These were the types of functions I was hoping the app would have that the iOS version doesn’t. Otherwise, it’s a great place to be able to store/organize your projects/to-do lists.

Getting there

This app is good. Its very similar to the website though. Its nice to have an app now on the desktop. But it woudl be great if there were more features. Like drag and drop in the boards menu so you can move boards from one team to another, etc. Also its just a bit clunky still. I love trello, use it on my phone and comptuer. Its getting there slowly but surely. Could use some upgrading a bit though. I wish they had a bit more of a way of creating a difffernt type of board. Love the pictures and video links elmetns though. Like instad of just having the dorp down lists having the option to do like a general note pad on one would be great where you can keep typing rather than just bubles or have to open the note and do description. Love the pictures and video links elements though. That way I could move fully off Notes as well and use this for things like journaling ideas etc. As of now its really jsut great for vision boarding and lists. Calander things too but this is a bit clunky. Its more of a reminder option thats kinda nice but i dont use it much the way its set up.

This app is good, but a few small features could make it great!

I am an entreprenuer, freelance designer, and business consultant. I rely on technology to keep in touch with teams/clients while working any and all of my projects. Like a lot of poeple I found trello when looking for free alternatives to similar apps. I figured it would fit my needs, but didn't expect much. Trello by far is better than I expected. Even witout upgrading to any of the paid options, I find Trello is way more useful than I ever thought it would be. It is really easy to navigate and understand and within a day of setting up my account, I recieved emails in my inbox with videos on how to get the most out of the app. I strongly recommend trello to anyone who needs to organize to-do lists, task, project guidelines, etc. with a team of 2 or more people. Though I love Trello, there are a few things preventing me from rating it 5 stars: 1) Though it provides excellent push notifications to my mac, I wish that I was able to add a trello widget to notification center in MacOS. It would be a bonus if it were an iOS widget as well, but I would rather have one for mac. 2) There is no menu bar icon. Having a quick glance access in the menu bar would be AMAZING. All in all, this app and service is great. If you need to colaborate on any projects in the near future, you need to give Trello a try.

Best App Ever!

I am a organisational-freak and I love this app because it is just simple, straight to the point and if you want more functionnalities, here you go, use them! I have been trying so many apps for do-lists and most of them are so hard to deal with, and it shouldn’t be. Anyway, I am very happy with Trello, I got boards for everything I do and all synchronise :D Even better, I made my team at work using it, now we share boards, just easy! Love it! Thank you!

Good App. Solid beginning, hopefully more features to come.

As the title says, it’s a great app. Hopefully more will be put into it as there are some things you can do from the website that you can’t do here. Solid A+.

I’d prefer simpler one like GitHub projects for personal use

I want to use Trello for personal management. This app is built with care and it serves certain professional settings very well. Definitely worth trying to see the fit. The following are the things I wish this app has for me: 1. When I create a card by clicking “Add a card” in a list, it shows me a text area within the list to enter content. At this point a new card gets created on pressing return button. I wish this feature instead creates a new line, followed by which I can write description. This helps me reduce number of button clicks to create short and descriptive tasks. Followed by, I wish this feature shows description of cards in list. In short, something like GitHub did with their Projects feature. Its simple, gets my job done. 2. The settings features are split in 4 places. (a) In Trello > Preferences (b) “Show Menu” > Settings (c) “Show Menu” Other Options (d) Trello Profile Icon > Profile, Settings. I don’t remember which settings belongs to which place. For Trello Inc, there is just one app and two places to configure settings. For me, there are a dozen apps and several places to configure settings on my computer. It’s really quite too much sometimes. Putting together all at one place makes sense for a native app. (Maybe this is just too specific to me!!) 3. I feel like the keyboard shortcuts assignment isn't symmetric. If I open Trello > Preferences, followed by Escape button, it takes me back to Board. When I click “Show Menu” and click Escape button, it doesn’t take me back.


The mac app is fantastic—has all native functionality. I wish Trello would generally allow batch app icons for specfic things. For instance number of cards various lists on various boards.

Very Good - New Update Issues

Very good application, as it helps me better organize my work and school environments. However, the newest update (1/22/2018) prevented me from exiting full screen mode.

Simple a packaged website, but doesn't open when I click on a Trello hyperlink

As some people pointed out, it's just some kind of Electron application, just like Slack or Atom. I work with software development and my MacBook's RAM memory is almost always completely full due to the programs I use, so there's no reason to use any Electron application and waste memory with the browser overhead of each one of them, as long as I have the option to access their respective websites in the Safari instance I already have opened. Other than that, whenever I click on a Trello hyperlink this application does nothing and the Trello website is opened on Safari. There's simple no reason to use it.

I Gave Up…But I Came Back for the Integrations

The first time that I tried Trello, I remember feeling a little confused and a bit underwhelemed. It wasn’t at all what I was used to and I just wasn’t ready for it. It was too different. I’ve been through every task management app: Todoist, 2do,, Things 3, and a few others not worth mentioning. Let me also say that I’ve tried them all at both the free and paid levels and currently using the paid version of Trello. My opinion is that if you’re serious about productivity then the $10/month will be more than worth it. I haven’t found another app that works so well with with Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Harvest and Slack. That’s not even close to the full amount of integrations they’ve taken the time to make. To me, that’s where Trello wins and will most likely keep winning. My life is a lot easier. Word of advice…get a large external monitor for your office and you’ll love Trello even more.

Does not provide same functionality

I really like having a desktop app, but certain Power-Ups like Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox don’t work on it. Therefore, I have given up on the desktop app and went back to the website.

Nice app but….

It cannot be logged in via Google account recently. It crashes again and again after the authentication of Google account. .

Missing Key Features Compared to Asana

Our team decided to go with Trello instead of Asana for the awesome native application support. But we found out that we can’t assign specific people or deadlines to checklists within each card. It seems like it’s a must and after following a Twitter thread, it appears the feature has been requested since 2015 or 2014. Added features would really make the app powerful. Thanks.

Not great, but could be useful

As most reviews state, no offline mode is available for this app (unlike the mobile version). An offline mode would be extremely useful. That being said, it seems the only point in using this app is to keep Trello out of your browser. This can be useful in certain situations. My biggest gripe with this app is that anytime I click on one of the buttons (boards, notifications, etc.) it moves the window slightly. I generally ‘maximize’ apps to fill the whole screen, so any movement in the apps position looks off. It seems like bad UI design to have the whole app move when a button is clicked.

Useless without off-line mode.

I like Trello and use the web based version a lot. But I travel a lot and the main drawback was always the lack of off-line mode. The app is completely useless without the internet connection. I have had very high expectations for the desctop version hopping for the off-line mode. No luck. Even worse, the desktop app is basically the same webapp (with more bugs) wrapped up into a single browser window. You could not even work with two boards at the same time. Very dissapointing. Complete waste of develiopment time - they would be better work on the off-line mode. It is not very difficult task. Uninstalled. Back to web version. And still waiting for miracle (off-line mode).

Planyway works

The ability to customize settings like notifications in-app is good; Planyway Calendar works in the app; no need to always sign in after exiting the app. Works as well for me as the web version.

Buggy and Little Snitch shows tons of unnecessary outgoing connections

I love Trello on the web and use it daily. This review is only for the osx standalone app. First, it is really buggy compared to the mostly flawless web version. There are frequent hangs, loading of the wrong boards after clicks, and failed connections when trying to upload images. What prompted me to uninstall and write this review was my computer was running hot for some reason, so after doing some investigating I noticed Little Snitch showed a ton of outgoing connections from the Trello app to ad tracking and other unnecessary services. After realizing that I uninstalled it and my computer quickly went back to normal. I’ll give this an extra star because the Trello service is so great but this app version is disappointing.

Doesn’t work offline. Why bother?

Trello in general is great, so they get an extra star for that. But this Trello desktop app is exactly the same as the web browser version. It doesn’t work at all offline. I’m not sure what the point of this desktop version is— why have a duplicate of the webapp? If it worked offline, I’d give it full stars.

It is perfect for my needs

Really loving it so far. My team now knows what is going on in the whole department. LOVE

Does not do enough to warrant a $120 anual fee.

Yet another to do list with crazy anual fees. Not affordable by the average Joe, their free version is mission so many important features that it is practicly unusable. Now that Apple notes and Google Keep have upped their game and, oh by the way are free, this app will need to lower its price or end up in the unused pile.

A few improvements will make this useful

It’s good to have the option of a standalone Trello app on the desktop. Two things that can make this come closer to the browser version in usability: 1. Tabs (not windows). 2. Display the browser URL, so we can copy and paste to skype or email easily.

It’s Great, One Quibble

Overall it has performed very well for me I have not run into any issues with the app crashing. End to end its a great platform for how I manage work. The only qibble I have is that it does not work offline. There are times when I’m working and have no internet. If I absolutely must move a card or complete a task, I'll use my phone if possible. Will being able to work offline be available in a future update? If so, five stars. Thanks.

Wish missing functionality was addressed

Trello is my go to tool for project and process workflow managment. Like it or not, I support many teams and juggle several email accounts. The glaring issue I run into is that Trello supports only a single account so when I’m working with differerent clients I either setup an account linked there or I add to my primary personal Trello account. This is problematic… I can’t log in to multiple trello accounts and switch easily between them. This problem has been around for years. I know its complex and it deserves attention(

Great App to imporve your workflow

Trello enhances you and your team’s workflow. The app is great and works so well and fast. Something I wish was more apparent was how to give the URL to a card. I used to be able to link cards, boards, profiles, etc very easily by just copying the current URL, but now it is kind of hidden behind the “share and more” button on cards

Removing Features

Removed the text on labels feature, which was my primary reason for using this app.

Useful for most day-to-day Trello work but will still end up logging into the website.

I've been using the for a couple weeks and have to say I like the persistent window but the fact it doesn't respond to Trello links and lose the value of a few browser extensions to augment a few small annoyances. For a free app it's worth installing and good for most usages but there will still be a need to log in to the web ui more often than I'd like but not a deal breaker. Once the app is integrated to respond to Trello URL requests then this will be a fantastic replacement from having to log into the website and I can update this to a 4 star review. I'm not sure how this would work in the native app but one thing that is useful is having multiple cards open in several tabs. If there was a way to open multiple cards in the same view that would be useful (at least to me). :)

Great App

I love Trello - I use it for my own projects and whenever I need to coordinate work with someone else, even to the point of coordinating things that need to be done between me and my wife. This app is quick and responsive. I love that I get the same functionality as I would in the web, but it’s more native and I can pick a key combination to bring it up or add a card whenever I want without even touching my mouse. It works well and synchs without me having to initiate anything. This is a great, lightweight app that does what is intended quickly and easily and without getting in the way of your workflow.

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